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Flo Tampons are 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and have silky-smooth compact applicators that are BPA-free. The cotton tampons are biodegradable, sanitised naturally with oxygen and chlorine-free. FLO pads are made from natural bamboo and come individually wrapped in zero-plastic biowrappers. Sustainable, reliable, hypoallergenic and comfy-as-heck. As consumers we all expect to see ingredients on the packaging of the foods we eat, the cosmetics we use and on the labels of the clothes we wear. Strangely enough no such list is found on these intimate products we use in or near one of the most initiate and absorbent parts of our body. But not only do women need to know this information, the choice also needs to be available. This is the reason MyLadyBug teamed up with FLO a brand that Sustainable, reliable, hypoallergenic and comfy-as-heck and to be able to offer the solution with ease with a "set it and forget it" period subscription! Tampons and Pads delivered to you just when you need it! Did we mention we include chocolate too :)